Franchise Partner

Franchise Partner

Do You have an Entrepreneurial Spirit ?

DanceDaily franchise... A documented, tested and profitable business model with all technical requirements in place.

Our offering ...

Strong support and counselling: 

  • Strong and reliable suppliers with high quality products  
  • Technical support for online and offline activities 
  • Ready made marketing campains for your usage
  • Attractive offerings for your affiliates and a ready made affiliate programs/software
  • Help aboout law questions in your country
  • Full IT support with a website which will get adjusted to your needs

New ideas:

  • Product development 
  • Producing marketing materials 
  • Development of business concepts 
  • Market research 
  • Negotiations with suppliers if necessary
  • Be the owner of your ideas and sell it 

(You are welcome to come up with your own ideas or participate the development of DanceDaily ideas which we are going to implement in the future)


To be an independent business owner is often called 'the loneliest job in the world'. There is rarely anyone else who understands your situation or with its inherit opportunities and problems. Together with DanceDaily we will give you a network which will grow and where we can help and understand each other. 

Social aspect:

We want to built our program "One World One Passion", to help people in best way all around the world. The first step was the return suitable packages for customers who would like to donate their old dancewear or gear. We believe that dance is a big driver for integrating children or yound adults to new cultures and society. In spring 2018 we offer free Multicultural dance classes for children at Tampere International School as a pilot project to research the social aspects of dance in integration. With this approach we would like to help children or teens to integrate, increase self-esteem and make new friends. The next step in our mind is to offer free integration dance classes and dance wear for children all around Finland and Europe.  

"DanceDaily company sprit is not just about maximum revenue and money. Furthermore, it's about helping and connecting people from all over the world, who love to dance and express their passion."